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ZMAN zbrah, is a Los Angeles based multitalented artist who is originally from Vancouver, Washington.

Growing up, he was always described as mischievous, explorative and imaginative. These character traits helped develop him, which eventually led to studying theatre, dance and art. A passion for performing gained him appearances in numerous music videos, independent films and modeling. Z's background in art fused with a different perspective on the world meant endless possibilities; creating experimental theater and movement pieces, performance art, avant-garde films, photographs, graphic designs and picking up a paintbrush and making abstract art (aka ZMAN art/visuals).

Never ceasing to discover, his next journey came into the music world. With the unlimited amount of music genres and sounds in this day and age, he continued to evolve himself; being even more inventive and curious. He first began making experimental and cinematic music for his art films then started to explore the dance realm by creating music that mixes different genres. Music became another outlet for him to tell a story, express feelings and channel energy. His passion for music is apparent in co-hosting a dance music variety live radio show, Tasty Tuesdays on Dash Radio 3pm-5pm PST. As well has having a weekly DJ mix, called zbrahz Z Mix on Saturday's at 1pm PST. 

Today, although he may be a little less mischievous, his passion to explore and learn while having an outside-of-the-box mentality will never change. Musically, zbrah takes inspiration from a wide variety of genres but never limits himself to being ‘’stuck in a box."

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Los Angeles, CA, USA

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